O senti: io ‘mprincipiai da bimbettino
A studia’ ‘n su’ cipressi di Dianella
Come faceva ‘r nidio un cardellino.
Renato Fucini da “Li studi di Neri”

The Medicean villa Dianella dates back to the end of the XVI century and was used by the Medici as a country house for hunting. Its name, Dianella, comes from the name Diana, hunting’s goddess.

The village of Dianella dates back to end of XVI century. It is made of a few houses, the church of “S. Michaelis de Aliana” of the XIII century and the Villa, built at the end of the 1500 and used by the Medici family like a hunting house.
In 1700 the village became property of the Marchesi Federighi family and later of the Fucini. Here the poet Renato Fucini composed most of his works. He mentions it several times in his sonnets and wrote a novel “A Dianella” of the collection called “Foglie al Vento”. The Villa is one of the 54 “Houses of Memory” of Tuscany.

At the beginning of the 1900 Dianella was bought by the Billeri family all the way to the Conti Passerin d’Entrèves e Courmayeur. Francesco e Veronica Passerin d’Entrèves personally attended the long and accurate restoration of the whole farm, aiming to recreate the typical warm atmosphere and the sense of hospitality that always marked the villa.