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Dolci Ricordi is the dessert wine by Dianella It is an aristocratic wine, ideal for the end of the meal but also with seasoned and blue cheeses, paté and fois gras. Delicious with chocolate and creamy desserts, a sweet wine that will give great satisfaction with the passage of time.

Harvest: manual harvesting and grape selection.

Vinification: made with traditional method.

Aging: made with traditional method.

Colour: amber golden yellow.

Bouquet: intense and ethereal with elegant notes of dried apricot, fig and dates. Final aromas of dried fruit and sweet spieces.

Taste: it is soft thanks to residual sugar content but at the same time perfectly balanced by good acidity and freshness. Thanks to its structure and long, complex persistence, it can be enjoyed as a meditation wine.

Size: 500ml.

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