Project Description



Maria Vittoria and Ottavia by Dianella is a sparkling rosé wine “sur lie” with a definite personality. According to the ancestrale method, the second fermatation in bottle occurs naturally and there is no “dégorgement” to mantain the vitality and complexity of the wine. The sediments are the natural consequence of the fermentation in bottle. Rich and elegant it can be paired with sushi and tartare, fish first dishes and also with medium aged cheeses. It is ideal as an aperitif.

Harvest: manual harvesting and grape selection.

Vinification: soft pressing of the grapes and controlled temperature fermentation. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle on the yeasts as for the ancestrale method.

Aging: long aging “sue lie” in the bottle.

Color: bright pale pink.

Bouquet: fruity nose and complex aromatic profile; peach, citrus aromas and bread crust in elegant spicy notes.

Taste: fresh and mineral with a good acidity and long finish, drinkable and typical of the Sangiovese.

Size: 750ml.

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